Travel day soon settled....

This is the new monastery at Pharping on the hill behind those little lamas!  Now they moved in, and I know I can go there in late April or 1 week in May!

So in this environmental I will spend some month :) I´m really looking forward to it!

Time to purchase tickets!!!


Standard VS Happiness...

I'm Swedish, and grew up in the Swedish standardized norms society. Sweden is one of the countries with the highest standard of values ​​when it comes to accommodation & living.

   1965 was a parliamentary decision, to start the "Million Programme" which is the term for housing in Sweden during the period 1965-1975. The goal was to quickly build a million homes (note that in Sweden, lived about 8 million people) to improve housing standards. (They even have standards for how high a sink should be, how far it is between certain surfaces in the kitchen, all to improve and enhance standard for everyone.)
Normal standard for washing / drying clothes  in our houses in Sweden

From this highly developed country  I move about 6 years ago, to live in  Spain instead. And in the case of standard, it felt like I moved back to the-30's! Here are bad kitchens, no tumble dryer, drying rooms, etc., instead we hang our  laundry to dry outside the windows and balconies. (actually super good for the natural resources and mother earth)
My flat in Barcelona, Landry on dry

And soon I will then take a few more steps back when it comes to standard :)
I checked just images from the  monastery in Nepal were I will volunteer to work, and there are no washing machines etc,  here I will  wash by hand.

But on the other hand, Sweden has the highest statistics of suicide! Think about it guys.

You can not standardize luck! And I've already made my choice. How are you doing?


Nepal, a wounderful mix - Even Religoin

I am not following any religion, I pic a bit here and a bit there, mix it in the way that feel good in my heart and  right for me, I adapt is as" my own religion", or believes- I know many people that do that too (maybe a sign of the times?)

But I´m curious about what religion they have in Nepal, after all, I an gonna work in a Buddhist Monastery!

So I started to search a bit about it (its one of my preparation to be ready to meet Nepal) 

Following I found on Wikipedia:

The people of Nepal follow Buddhism and Hinduism together. Due to the existence of religious tolerance, it is difficult to separate the modern religious life of the people of Nepal. The same person can follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time. They celebrate Dashain and Buddha Jayanti regardless of what their religious category is. As the time passed by f, the people of Kathmandu followed both religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and along with the tradition. Nepal was declared a "Hindu Kingdom" by king Prithvi Narayan Shah. During the Shah reign Kings performed their duties both as a Buddhist and a Hindu which can be felt in many a Buddist and Hindu ceremonies in which king took active part. In Nepal, it is hard to separate who is a Hindu or a Buddhist; they perform the same cultures, celebrate the same holidays and always work as a team. Hinduism and Buddhism has a unique combination in the society of Nepal. A Hindu in Nepal never hates a Buddhist and vice versa. Instead, they respect each other. In terms of respecting another religion and performing religious ceremony, a Buddhist in Nepal is different from a Buddhist in Japan and a Hindu in Nepal is different from a Hindu in India. The Buddhist and Hindus of Nepal follow the same culture and tradition and don't emphasize on what religion they belong to.

WOW! Imagine if all religions could live side by side in the hole world!!!  I'm pretty sure that would be a fantastic word, filled with love and understanding! I am so thrilled to go and to see/feel how this is working out in reality! maybe Nepal / Kathmandu is the true role model as a society, anyway in this point of view?!

Facts: According to the 2001 census, 80.62 percent of Nepalese are Hindu, 10.74 percent are Buddhist, 4.20% are Muslim,3.60 percent are Kirant (an indigenous religion), 0.45 percent are Christian, and 0.4 percent are classified as other groups / source- Wikipedia 


What do we need to trigger us to be a helper?

This film I saw long time ago, but kinda forgot about it, last week I saw it again. And it was so strong and powerful when I realized that nothing changed, or -It changed to the worst for the people of Tibet. They are still hoping people from the word could help them- So the question is, What can you do?


New date for my travel to Nepal...

Yesterday I talked to this amazingly nice woman, Cynthia, that is Project Coordinator at littlelamas.org.  The monastery is in the stage of moving from Boudanath to Pharping new school site which is a rural country area  9 KM south of city Kathmandu. And she told me they are running late, and will not be ready to 1 of April as we talked about in the start. But this is perfect for me, cos I have so much to prepare  and I got super stressed when I were thinking of that it is only 2 week until 1 of April!
But, it can be later as well :) 

To move from Sweden to Spain was really a huge shange in how fast things are going (super slow in Spain) and I have a feeling that Spain will appaer as a super fast country compairing to Nepal - This is gonna be interesting. And I accualy love that things are what they are, because in the end it will be just perfect anyway... So a great way to practice patience 

So everything works out in the best of ways, I get time to do what I have to do, and I will be in time to the start of the new school. What can i say, Thank you universe, that make the scene in the best of ways :)
The pieces are falling into place as they are suppose to.


Making an Impact, Promoting Art with a Cause.

"Nepal, known as a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicity and religions, has to offer amazing variety of artworks. However, these artists remain in dark, unknown to the outside world."
 This line I found on artsofnepal.com and I guess it is so true! If I look to myself, I don´t know much about it, yet :)

Canvas by By Ravi Maharjan

But I'm so exited to find out, and as the impulsive person I am, I have really difficulties to wait until its time to jump on the plane and embrace me in all new things. Culture, art, religion, my voluntarily work, people, atmosphere, I want all of it hihihi....

That´s why I choose to live in Barcelona, cos here everything is amazing  beautiful, lots of great architecture, art, atmosphere and free spirits that can live as they are. Still after 6 years here, I find new details in this fairytale city. And I´m pretty sure I will love Nepal as well, but in another way, of course. So to find out about the art and artist "that are kept in the dark" will be another mission for me.



Today I started to write down a list of everything that I have to arrange for my trip to Kathmandu. This is how it look so far:

1) Get a doctor's appointment for vaccination.

2) Find cheap airline tickets.
3) Find out what I need to bring with me. (How do I pack? And what do I need / not need hmmm)
4) Improve myself more about Culture, Art and  the country.

5) Be sure to arrange everything in my apartment, rental issues, that everything works (must repair both toilet and kitchen taps)
6) Solve the storage of my personal stuff here in Barcelona during the time I´m gone.
7) Try to get a client that may be interested in purchasing some items/articles from Kathmandu, and /or a documentary about life as a volunteer, etc. I am still considering a bit of the formation of this. Do you have any tips on any client that needs travel news / reportage etc. Please, contact me!

8) Considering also about finding what is available in terms of decoration accessories in Nepal that I may be able to import to Europe (or homepage) this would also help and benefit the people of Nepal. They seem to have so much fine craftsmanship in Nepal and that area. This would be a perfect side track of my trip, as will fit perfectly in my professional capacity as an interior designer, and largest interest.

However, besides all of this tremendous planning,  I do enjoy entirely to have this exciting adventure ahead of me. I'm totally filed of passionate energy for the task!


It´s so strange ( but that is the beauty of life in another way, we surprise ourselfs ) but I am a person that loves Sunshine, Sand, beaches, water etc, that's why I change Sweden to Barcelona!

And now I am burning to go to Nepal!!!hmmmm........ There is no beaches, or seas,   no palm trees  no water at all in fact!!! What happen in my brain and soul???

But you have to see this film...
When I see this, I feel my soul drag me to go there... Its pure magic of nature! And very spiritual too, so I just need to do it!

This is exactly were I need to do my volunteer work!
Nature calls...


Culture, divinity, beliefs, art...

Time to "dust off" my books and refresh my knowledge a bit. Additional preparation that may be useful for my journey and moving to a new culture.

Culture, divinity, beliefs, art... So much fun to just jump into the knowledge.... I´m pretty sure I will grow my knowledge as much as my own divinity...


Sunday morning...

Sunday morning, and my first thoughts goes to my planed trip to Kathmandu. It´s a bit weird feeling, cos I made my decision so super fast :) I always do when it is something that comes from my soul. The right way, for me.

And I´m so stubborn, so I always make it happen. When I make my mind up -I do it!

Today is Sunday  so my work today to make my plans for my 3-month adventure, will be more of a" power thinking preparing" kinda type.

After searching for information, watching some you tube films yesterday, I can actually picture myself in that environmental  I AM ALREADY there :)

Later on today I´ll go down to the Mediterranean sea, and do some meditation to manifest my wish to work as an volunteer in Nepal. I believe in the power of the thoughts, and that we can create our own reality. That´s also a part of planing a trip like this.

The beautiful picture is from www. littlelama.org 

I wish all a wonderful Sunday, and that you will understand your own power to create your own future -You can do it!!!!


A bit about the city, Kathmandu...

The first step for me to get "the picture" before digging in deep, to just get a idea about what the city contains  I like to just search for YouTube, to see other travelers point of view, how the mirror the city.

And here comes the first video...

Such a a mixed up place!!! It´s going to be very exacting  with mixed up feelings to be here. There are lots of things that I'm super interested of, and also other things that I want to get a chance to understand.

your contribution makes a different!

Do you want to help and make a different for somebody else? The beautie is, that you CAN!

Education is the way to achieve far-reaching results, it is the proper way to promote compassion and tolerance in society.

Today's agenda - rental issues of my flat!

Time is flying, that's for sure. And I need to get so many details to work before I can purchase my tickets to Nepal and Kathmandu.

So today will be focus for me to try to find good flatmates for my flat in Barcelona, during the month i will be working in the Monastery.

To go away and work as a volunteer means no income at all during this period, so I need to do what I can to minimize my bills, and the larges one, is of course the rent.

So if you are looking for a place to stay in Barcelona  or know anybody, please don´t hesitant to contact me. And to be truly and honest, I have one of the best & nicest flats in Barcelona, and all my roomies have been very happy to be living here.

a part of my living room and chill out area.
more pics you find on my flat in Barcelona

And now, time to keep on working out my dream for going to beautiful Nepal and the monastery-


Little Lamas Sponsorship program...

Little Lama Family Sponsorship Program

You may choose to sponsor a student monk in the following 3 categories. The sponsorship amount for each category is $360.00 per year.
  1. Essential and basic daily needs: food, clothing, and medication.
  2. Administrative and education expenses: the cost of the facility, electricity, water, books, stationary, etc.
  3. Future School at Pharping: room and board expenses for each student at the site of the future school at Pharping. Sponsorship in this category will greatly help in relieving the monastery financially after purchasing property and the costs of construction.
Please email us at jonangktm.qs@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Please include the category or categories you would like to sponsor.
look into their Webb page as well, and see how you can become a  teacher www.littlelamas.org 

Richard Gere on selling guitars for the Tibetan cause

I woke up this morning, went to my Yoga, 3 wonderful hours. But the meaning with yoga and meditation is that I am supposed to turn off all thoughts, but for me it is a total revers effect! My creativity exploded this morning!

My early hours every day is my most creative hours of a day, so it is not the best time for me to actually do yoga that early, cos i close down the creative process in one way, but in another way I take away all other thoughts  so the only things that pops up are my creative thought.

And this morning were all my concentration om my Volunteer trip to Nepal, Kathmandu and the monastery  And how to try to help them to reach even more people! So that's why I have the blog! And another thing as well, to inspire other to go/do after they want, feel are wishing they could do in their life.

I hope my doing, can inspire  other to be brave enough, to believe in there dreams och follow their hears desires.

Now I will start to writhe in this blog everyday, about how the plan it taking form, thinking  fears, and process. The thing is I have never done this before, so every step is new for me.

But I talked to my contact person at the monastery yesterday, and she recommended me to contact my doctor, if I need special shoots / vaccine etc.. And she also said. - Anne-Li, its good if you start to study the culture and art of our country! So that will be my plan the nearest days. And also search for flight tickets. As well as i need to put out advertising for my flat. As I will not earn a cent during this future adventurer  I need to solve the money-issue, so I can afford to follow the guidance of my heart :)

If any of you are interested to help this organisation Littlelamas.org, visit their homepage, and you will see how you do it.

Do you want to help this guys? I do!!!


One more blog, Why?

So, this is one more blog that i start.
And how come the need of another blog may you ask.
Because this one will only reflect my desire to start a voluntary work.
The thought is nothing new, I always been thinking about different ways to help. I had a god child in in Colombia during the time I was living in Sweden. I paid to different organizations that build schools in Africa etc.
And lately I have been a bit concerned about the situation for the loving people in Tibet. I been supporting them, and tried to spread information about what is happening there.
But NOW I want to do something more. So I just made myself up.  I decided to go to Nepal and work as an English teacher for little lamas.  

And that’s why I now start this blog!
I will write about my hole journey, from when I took the decision, what I need to prepare, how I came up with the idea and about how it will be to totally change country and culture. –Again.
And my deepest hope is that I can spread light to more people that would like the help out.
Little Lamas Choekyi Dorjee and new student Kedup  explore the wonderful world of 3D books thanks to the great gifts from Miss Wong a volunteer English teacher who visitedwww.facebook.com/littlelama.kathmandu recently.

Many of the Little Lamas are seeking sponsorship, if you would like to help them please email : jonangktm.qs@gmail.com
Thank you
Photo courtesy of Miss Wong © med Amy Hestermann-CraneLittlelamafamily Jonang Kathmandu och Phoebe Crane.