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I realized that I actually have a gift! We all do! But sometimes it can be difficult to understand what it is. Even if it is obvious, we are so used to it, so we don´t see it.
My gift I understand now is to inspire others. I always have been doing that!  Whiteout reflected so much about it. I always inspired people to make changes, it could be in their home, outfits, hair, makeup, or maybe more important, to make life changes, and to a spiritual level.

Always when I do something, others will follow, even if it is not the intention for me. But when I like something, burn for something I probably talk so fierily about it so others want to change/try/ learn/act to. And I don´t do it to convince anybody else, I only tell because I burn for the issue in question.
Many people say I am the born leader, I´m not so sure about that, but I know I have the skill to inspire people to improve themselves, in one or another way.

More or less in my whole life I been working with –selling –marketing –retail-things, meaning I been contributing to consuming, consuming and more consuming. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to make life changes 2006, and start another way of living. I felt I wanted to give the world something GOOD, instead of increasing the consume of our earth's natural resources.

So I jumped off! I quit my work and moved to Spain and Barcelona without knowing how to make my living. I lowered my income a lot by doing that, BUT I increased the values of other things. Honestly, there is not one day that I don´t feel happy and grateful for doing this life changes. I am happy! I am blessed! I am alive! And I love my life.

This odd behavior that I actually quit a high paid work, a good carrier, just like that, threatened some people, but also inspired others. It was a lot of articles about my change, even radio interviews etc… And I got so many mails from people that got inspired of this. That I didn´t counted on at all. Cos I only followed my heart! But, if I can inspire other to follow the guidance of their heart, I´m happy too.  And that is why I feel I am blessed with a beautiful gift! The gift of inspire other to do the best of what they have, and follow their dreams, whatever their dreams may be. Nothing is impossible if you want it enough! We are the creators of our life. We can make changes, and we do have choices, anyway, for most of us it is easier than other, and now I´m thinking of people in countries that have a closet system/are occupied or dictator etc..
And now, it’s time for me again, to do some radical life changes. As I said, I always wanted to do good things to our beautiful word and the humanity, instead of opposite.

So, on my concern for a long time have been the situation in Tibet, how the monks and monasteries suffer, and I been trying to support by spreading the news in all the media I am active in.

And for a couple of days ago, I felt I MUST do something more!!! I want to help, so the world open up for what is happening over there! So I had this feeling so strong in me when I went to bed that night. I think my mind was working something out when I was sleeping. When I woke the next morning, I went to my 3 hour yoga class, and I dedicated my 1½ hour meditation for the people in Tibet / Nepal.
When I came back home, I opened up my computer, and the first I see is a message/advertise from a monastery in Nepal for “Little lamas”, so I decided at once to ask them, HOW CAN I HELP?

A super nice lady answered me back, that if I want I am welcome to come and volunteer as a teacher in English for minimum 3 month.  And as soon as I read her mail, I know this is what I need to do. This is what I want to do! And all my energies in my body respond. So I told her, YES! I want, I will, count me in. In less than 24 hours I was clear of what I contribute with. Some volunteer work for kids!

One part is that I go there, and act as a teacher for the little lamas. 
Another is that I want to spread this to others! And I believe if I go there, maybe more people that trust me, are willing to help the monastery with their needs of food/clothes/medication/education etc. And I already have a lot of friends, that wants to go and work there as well J So, it is working!!!
I have already inspired others, and I have not even bought my flight tickets yet!

In April, I am on my way. I will change my country, again, a new culture, and new experience are waiting for me. I will write new chapters again. And this I will tell the rest of the word about in this blog!
And if YOU have been having thoughts about doing something for a “good cause” just open up, and it will find you, as it found me! This monastery in Nepal, found me! And I´m grateful for this mission!

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