Counting down..

In this area they have a saying for counting down. They count it in Momos. So now I have 4  Momos left to enjoy :)

I am enjoying every day. Some weeks ago I paniced to leave, now after some time, done some meditation, refleck about this 3 month etc I feel pretty good about.

Sad to leave, but fun to meet my friend, and later in august I´ll also go to Sweden to catch up time with my family. So I have lots of nice things in front of me..

I have been changing my room, now I live in another Monastery during the night, cos we have something called "Summer retreat" for 45 days in "my" monastery, and during this time, no women are allowed here during night time.

I meet some nice people during my visit here. I also got in contact with some nice school projects in this area. So do you wanna try to do some time as a volunteer teacher I have some to recommend. Besides my super great organisation "Little Lamas", I understand after talking with people I´m luck to get in contact wish such a great, genuine and warm hearted  organisation at the first shot! My heart will always tick for them, and all lovely kids here... ohhhhh I´ll miss them!

Right now I enjoy my last breakfast for this trip in Kathmandu. 

An in 30 min go back by bus to Pharping and the monastery. 
Friday I go back to beautiful Barcelona. 

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