Small help from many will make a change!

I'm now a member of  Dolfo komang Tulku foundation. 
They have a primary School in Dolpo but will now get a secondary education to 8 of the students in Kathmandu.  In november the new hostel for these 8 students must be ready.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Himalayan-Caravan-Hostel-In-kathmandu/152710938257181

You can see more about the project here. The rent for the rooms will be sponsored by CIDEN Foundation but they need a lot more. I sponsored them with a camera, and now racing money from Sweden to their first Lap top.  And with the help of the good hearted Swedes I'm sure they will have their computer this week.  But they need lots more.. Beds, blankets, pillows, note books, pens, clothes, shoes, medication, food, etc etc.. 
Are you interested to help with a donation? Even 10 euro will be a great help!!! Contact me or direct to: komangtulkufondation@gmail.com

I will now start to help them with their website as well. We can all help in different ways. 

Your help will make a different!! And in my opinion all kids should have right to an education! 

Lots of love & light...  

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