Dear teacher...

...this one for you.

From day to day, I get some drawings and small messages from the students in the monastery. It is always so nice: I guess we all get happy when someone shares a good word with us. And it is neither less worthy if the person can or cannot draw, write good or not, it is the taught, and time they put into it that counts.

but this one I really wanna share with you, cos it is both well drawn, and so nice thoughts behind the messages. 

Lotus denotes the freedom from all the stains of non - virtues of tree, body, speech and mind Blooming of hundred pedals of all white virtues and fine production of the essence of honey and ultimate happiness: Liberation.

Sincerly, your student Sherab Gyamtso

Thank you!
I am very grateful for your help.
Teacher, I will never forget your kindness.

Best wishes for you.

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