Awesome Nepal...

Today I went to Kathmandu early, cos I had no lessons. And I was gonna meet up to see Pashupatinath Temple and their morning ceremonies. Here the Hindus burn the dead and send the ashes out on the river.
Here we start before 6 in the morning..,
In Kathmandu, ladies selling Tea on the street.,,
The day was rainy to start with, this is outside the temple, do you see the monkeys claiming in the wires :)

Breakfast today was hot curry, fried bread and some sweet after...

Yeah, this huge bull walked around in the area..,

And some smaller cuter ones as well..,

Woman in their colourful clothes, it feels like I am walking around in a film.,

Double working women..

After that I went in to town again ;)

 Today I got som blessings of a Hindu man, fist he pored water over me, then I got this ribbons on my wrist. Then he wanted to paint my forehead, but there I stayed NO thanks,  so next step was to throw flower over me ;) I liked that. In Thamel I found a book store with lots of English books, and there I found some about Tibetan wisdoms. I'm mixing all, exactly as Nepal is - a mix that goes hand in hand, with lots of respect for different believes. I love it!! 

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