Amazing kids - Our future...

This text is from one of my students, something he wrote in the end of a test we had, like a "signature" (actually many of them write small message like this at the end of the test tasks)

If you can see beyond the wrong spellings and see what he is trying to express, what he has inside him, you will see something else -Hope!

First of all, he is in one of the new beginners class, he has not been here much longer than me, the others in his class, just learn to write the alphabet, and can not spell yet, so he is very good.

His thoughts are about doing good, to be kind... I think it is amazing! And gives hope to all of us, cos kids are our future!! And I mean ALL kids in this world. So we better take care of them in the best of way, and guide them good.

I´m blessed to be able to work with these kids for a while. Every single one of them are special, with a remarkable inner, thoughts and ability.  In this "monastery school" they are learning,  Tibetan language & script, as well as  English  and Chinese. And of course, all the Buddhist practicing that is mandatory. Humanity of our future!

Just amazing!!!! 

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