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My interest in interior design, yoga, feng shui, and to create harmony in areas were people spend their time made me start looking for unique items in Nepal.

So on  my free time I´m out searching for genuine nice Nepali handicraft. And I´ve been finding so many beautiful handmade objects, often with a purpose, that will increase harmony and a peaceful home.

This woman makes the most beautiful Buddha figurines. All are handmade, of genuine wood. The ones I´ll show you here are made of sandalwood, with a lovely smell. The tree is light and bright, with an untreated surface.

If you want something unique, with an artistic value, you should invest in one of these beautiful pieces.  And in the same way you support the handcraft from a poor country, helping to make people take care of their own living.

This Tibetan man is living in exile from his mother country, as many other Tibetans, and lives now in Nepal. He took the tradition with him, and makes Tibetan prayer flags. 

They are all, printed by hand, with this lovely print plates from Tibet, he cut, sew and measure all by himself. There is also a tradition that the flags, depending of the prints should be made the right day in the month. 

And as Buddhist he follows the moon cycles. All flags have different meanings. We have selected some of them, and also together we design a new banner for prosperity. You can find fabric made prayer flags, but this once are a handcraft, and we believe with stronger and more genuine power.

Handmade objects from one place on earth where the knowledge of faith, harmony and kindness bloom in an ancient culture.

An art that is not well known to the rest of the world. That is why I want to highlight this craft and skills for the rest of the world. For a people living in an underdeveloped country with so much hidden knowledge.

By creating a harmonious beautiful home with items from here, will it not only give you a good living, balance and harmony, it will also benefit the people of Nepal!

Simply, things to Love!

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