Help where you are!

You don't have to cross the glob to help, as  I did! Do it where you are. All countries / cities have poverty / homeless / stray dogs/cats, etc... People & animals  that may need a bit help!

And some "helper" don`t trust the huge organisations, that keep most of the money for themselves etc... But there are so many goodhearted people out there, that want to help, but don´t know how!!!

I just found out about this group, A Packet Of Rice
A mini project with a thought to distribute meal box to low income needy residents and senior citizens in Singapore. So please,  read about how they started, and see what you can do,  Talk to you friends, neighbors, family, school, work etc  Inspired them to help the ones that need a helping hand. We can all make a different!  

So, why don't you get inspired of this example, and create something in your neighborhood?? 
Be a self initiated volunteer you too. 

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