Saturday morning...

Another week just ran away so quickly. Time is really flying, even if the tempo here is much slower than I´m used to.

Now I just had my breakfast, delivered to my room as always :)

And soon I´ll have my one and only class on Saturdays

This weekend I´m gonna stay in Pharping. Today I´ll take a walk to an well known, legendary Monastery ( a bit outside Pharping) to take some picks. I probably will go and put of some Prayer flags for me, so far I mostly did it for others, but now it´s for me! ;) Then some Shopping in the village.
And a lot of self care time for me, that's the plan anyway... But, life is full of surprises, so we will see if that is the way it´s gonna be :)

I wish you all a lovely Saturday, wherever you are!

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