Today I started to write down a list of everything that I have to arrange for my trip to Kathmandu. This is how it look so far:

1) Get a doctor's appointment for vaccination.

2) Find cheap airline tickets.
3) Find out what I need to bring with me. (How do I pack? And what do I need / not need hmmm)
4) Improve myself more about Culture, Art and  the country.

5) Be sure to arrange everything in my apartment, rental issues, that everything works (must repair both toilet and kitchen taps)
6) Solve the storage of my personal stuff here in Barcelona during the time I´m gone.
7) Try to get a client that may be interested in purchasing some items/articles from Kathmandu, and /or a documentary about life as a volunteer, etc. I am still considering a bit of the formation of this. Do you have any tips on any client that needs travel news / reportage etc. Please, contact me!

8) Considering also about finding what is available in terms of decoration accessories in Nepal that I may be able to import to Europe (or homepage) this would also help and benefit the people of Nepal. They seem to have so much fine craftsmanship in Nepal and that area. This would be a perfect side track of my trip, as will fit perfectly in my professional capacity as an interior designer, and largest interest.

However, besides all of this tremendous planning,  I do enjoy entirely to have this exciting adventure ahead of me. I'm totally filed of passionate energy for the task!

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