Nepal, a wounderful mix - Even Religoin

I am not following any religion, I pic a bit here and a bit there, mix it in the way that feel good in my heart and  right for me, I adapt is as" my own religion", or believes- I know many people that do that too (maybe a sign of the times?)

But I´m curious about what religion they have in Nepal, after all, I an gonna work in a Buddhist Monastery!

So I started to search a bit about it (its one of my preparation to be ready to meet Nepal) 

Following I found on Wikipedia:

The people of Nepal follow Buddhism and Hinduism together. Due to the existence of religious tolerance, it is difficult to separate the modern religious life of the people of Nepal. The same person can follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time. They celebrate Dashain and Buddha Jayanti regardless of what their religious category is. As the time passed by f, the people of Kathmandu followed both religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and along with the tradition. Nepal was declared a "Hindu Kingdom" by king Prithvi Narayan Shah. During the Shah reign Kings performed their duties both as a Buddhist and a Hindu which can be felt in many a Buddist and Hindu ceremonies in which king took active part. In Nepal, it is hard to separate who is a Hindu or a Buddhist; they perform the same cultures, celebrate the same holidays and always work as a team. Hinduism and Buddhism has a unique combination in the society of Nepal. A Hindu in Nepal never hates a Buddhist and vice versa. Instead, they respect each other. In terms of respecting another religion and performing religious ceremony, a Buddhist in Nepal is different from a Buddhist in Japan and a Hindu in Nepal is different from a Hindu in India. The Buddhist and Hindus of Nepal follow the same culture and tradition and don't emphasize on what religion they belong to.

WOW! Imagine if all religions could live side by side in the hole world!!!  I'm pretty sure that would be a fantastic word, filled with love and understanding! I am so thrilled to go and to see/feel how this is working out in reality! maybe Nepal / Kathmandu is the true role model as a society, anyway in this point of view?!

Facts: According to the 2001 census, 80.62 percent of Nepalese are Hindu, 10.74 percent are Buddhist, 4.20% are Muslim,3.60 percent are Kirant (an indigenous religion), 0.45 percent are Christian, and 0.4 percent are classified as other groups / source- Wikipedia 

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