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"Nepal, known as a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnicity and religions, has to offer amazing variety of artworks. However, these artists remain in dark, unknown to the outside world."
 This line I found on artsofnepal.com and I guess it is so true! If I look to myself, I don´t know much about it, yet :)

Canvas by By Ravi Maharjan

But I'm so exited to find out, and as the impulsive person I am, I have really difficulties to wait until its time to jump on the plane and embrace me in all new things. Culture, art, religion, my voluntarily work, people, atmosphere, I want all of it hihihi....

That´s why I choose to live in Barcelona, cos here everything is amazing  beautiful, lots of great architecture, art, atmosphere and free spirits that can live as they are. Still after 6 years here, I find new details in this fairytale city. And I´m pretty sure I will love Nepal as well, but in another way, of course. So to find out about the art and artist "that are kept in the dark" will be another mission for me.

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