I woke up this morning, went to my Yoga, 3 wonderful hours. But the meaning with yoga and meditation is that I am supposed to turn off all thoughts, but for me it is a total revers effect! My creativity exploded this morning!

My early hours every day is my most creative hours of a day, so it is not the best time for me to actually do yoga that early, cos i close down the creative process in one way, but in another way I take away all other thoughts  so the only things that pops up are my creative thought.

And this morning were all my concentration om my Volunteer trip to Nepal, Kathmandu and the monastery  And how to try to help them to reach even more people! So that's why I have the blog! And another thing as well, to inspire other to go/do after they want, feel are wishing they could do in their life.

I hope my doing, can inspire  other to be brave enough, to believe in there dreams och follow their hears desires.

Now I will start to writhe in this blog everyday, about how the plan it taking form, thinking  fears, and process. The thing is I have never done this before, so every step is new for me.

But I talked to my contact person at the monastery yesterday, and she recommended me to contact my doctor, if I need special shoots / vaccine etc.. And she also said. - Anne-Li, its good if you start to study the culture and art of our country! So that will be my plan the nearest days. And also search for flight tickets. As well as i need to put out advertising for my flat. As I will not earn a cent during this future adventurer  I need to solve the money-issue, so I can afford to follow the guidance of my heart :)

If any of you are interested to help this organisation Littlelamas.org, visit their homepage, and you will see how you do it.

Do you want to help this guys? I do!!!

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