Sunday morning...

Sunday morning, and my first thoughts goes to my planed trip to Kathmandu. It´s a bit weird feeling, cos I made my decision so super fast :) I always do when it is something that comes from my soul. The right way, for me.

And I´m so stubborn, so I always make it happen. When I make my mind up -I do it!

Today is Sunday  so my work today to make my plans for my 3-month adventure, will be more of a" power thinking preparing" kinda type.

After searching for information, watching some you tube films yesterday, I can actually picture myself in that environmental  I AM ALREADY there :)

Later on today I´ll go down to the Mediterranean sea, and do some meditation to manifest my wish to work as an volunteer in Nepal. I believe in the power of the thoughts, and that we can create our own reality. That´s also a part of planing a trip like this.

The beautiful picture is from www. littlelama.org 

I wish all a wonderful Sunday, and that you will understand your own power to create your own future -You can do it!!!!

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