New date for my travel to Nepal...

Yesterday I talked to this amazingly nice woman, Cynthia, that is Project Coordinator at littlelamas.org.  The monastery is in the stage of moving from Boudanath to Pharping new school site which is a rural country area  9 KM south of city Kathmandu. And she told me they are running late, and will not be ready to 1 of April as we talked about in the start. But this is perfect for me, cos I have so much to prepare  and I got super stressed when I were thinking of that it is only 2 week until 1 of April!
But, it can be later as well :) 

To move from Sweden to Spain was really a huge shange in how fast things are going (super slow in Spain) and I have a feeling that Spain will appaer as a super fast country compairing to Nepal - This is gonna be interesting. And I accualy love that things are what they are, because in the end it will be just perfect anyway... So a great way to practice patience 

So everything works out in the best of ways, I get time to do what I have to do, and I will be in time to the start of the new school. What can i say, Thank you universe, that make the scene in the best of ways :)
The pieces are falling into place as they are suppose to.

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