Little Lamas Sponsorship program...

Little Lama Family Sponsorship Program

You may choose to sponsor a student monk in the following 3 categories. The sponsorship amount for each category is $360.00 per year.
  1. Essential and basic daily needs: food, clothing, and medication.
  2. Administrative and education expenses: the cost of the facility, electricity, water, books, stationary, etc.
  3. Future School at Pharping: room and board expenses for each student at the site of the future school at Pharping. Sponsorship in this category will greatly help in relieving the monastery financially after purchasing property and the costs of construction.
Please email us at jonangktm.qs@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Please include the category or categories you would like to sponsor.
look into their Webb page as well, and see how you can become a  teacher www.littlelamas.org 

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