Booked my flight to Kathmandu...

I just purchased my flight to Kathmandu! Woohooo!! Now it feels even more real!
and its only 20 days left before I jump on the plane and take of.

I´m super excited, and in the same time I realize I have so much to do, prepare.

But I done a lot of my "Must do List"

  1. All rental issues with my flat is solved. Great!
  2. Ticket and dates settled! Lovely!
  3. I been studding a bit about Nepal culture, art etc. Amazing!
  4. More or less solved my money issues. Puhhh!
  5. Health care, will be on Monday! Perfect!
  6. Pass port ( visa not yet, but that will be handle on the airport, just need to double check so that is the right fact)

Now I only need to get all info about dress codes for the monastery, rules, what I need to bring etc.. It will  be rain season when I go, so what does that mean? What do I need to pack? Rain boots vs flip flops? And one more important thing: The address :) hahaha... I don´t have it,(they will pick me up in the airport, bless them) and it was actually my mother how asked me about the address.

Anyway, May 2, I go and will arrive May 3, and stay for 3 month. This time :)

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