How does it feel?

I am surly blessed, I have so many nice friends, family & people that are wishing me good luck, telling me, Anne-Li you have to take this or that with you, asking me for addresses & phone numbers  and /or giving me. More than half my time goes to that :)

 And most of them ask the same question: -How does it feel?

Honestly, I don´t feel, think or nothing, I just DO!!

Right now it feels my flat is like an hurricane (and i´m so pedantic) I have laundry all over, my bed is covered with possible clothes. And that seems to be my issue I have no idea what to wear!! Aaaghhhhhh... So now I need to keep on packing, than cleaning my whole flat cos I rent it out.

But tomorrow on the plane :) then I will know how it feels!

Carpe diem, catch the moment, and live every second in the present.

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