In Doha

So I'm in Doha, I arrived at 11 in the evening and it is now 28 degrees, so nice :) Now I just need to wait until tomorrow morning to go to my final destination Kathmandu, I have about 10 hours to kill first.

 It was a bit funny cos I and my friends use to joke about why doesn't we never get a "Mr Nice guy" next to us on the flights.

Today I didn't either, instead a got a woman in her best age next to me. My first expression was that she was a bit grumpy. But after 20 min she looked at me and asked; - are you gonna go for voluntarily work? My gosh, how can she see that?

But she has a company working with volunteer projects world wide. And did for a long time. So we had a great talk and super nice company. Now she is of to India. And I'm here in a crowded airport and will try to get some hours sleep on the floor.

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