My new home for 3 month

So, I want to show a bit of my new home -Jonang Monastery in Pharping.
The monastery recently moved from there former building in Bhouda Kathmandu.

At this Monastery I spent my first night. It has so beautiful facade, but inside they are restoring it, cos this will be a hotel later on. So are you going to Kathmandu in the future, you can actually rent a room here!

Anyway, now I want to show you how i live now. (I already told you about the beautiful nature, so I will not talk about that now)  The new Monastery in Pharping is a work place :), but the rooms and all facilities are done, now they work on the facade and ground etc..

This is the new Monastery, it's actually larger than you think when you see it from the front, cos it is built on the hillside so it has 4 floors at the back.

This is my room now. Brand new, with a large bathroom :) all new and fresh, super nice!  As you see, outside in the entrance to the building they are working with laying pipes etc...
But I must show you, the women are working so hard too, just look at this...

She carries stone in the basket hanging on her head... I have seen many women who work like this.

I'm sure this Monastery will be beautiful when they are done with the building. And I'm pretty sure, it will not be during my time here, but I´m very happy to be a part of it now, and will follow it wherever I will be!

And now to something else . I have been asked several times if I have cockroaches in my room :)
What do you think? hahaha.. Look at the environmental, and if I had it in the city... yeah..just look at this picture....

This is how it looks like when I have my door closed in my room...A huge open gap! It´s like highway for the cockroaches, and yes, the first night they were running in to my room (and lots of other "creeping things" as well).So I got a busy night!! But, all problem have a solution,  I just cover the opening with a piece of  fabric, and nothing comes in! A simple but effective solution, and now I sleep good at night.

I must say I found a very nice, authentic and credible organization, it couldn´t be better. I can imagine how it can be to work voluntarily if it is not a serious organisation.

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  1. Hello Anne-Li. Thank you so much for doing this and for writing this blog. I will be following your story with great interest and wish you the very best of luck.