Pharping -With my eyes...

I just have to say that I have it so great here! I think I prepared myself for the worst, which is good, because everything is so much better :)

Those of you who have followed my blog know how I  described the scenario before, what I believed, and information I found on internet etc.
 One of those things was about the placement of the monastery, I believed it was in the middle of nothing! That it would suppose to be only our monastery and then nothing more than a stunning nature. And its true, the nature is absolutely stunning!

Outside Jonang Monastery Pharping

The Monastery is placed in a beautiful nature.

But the fact is that here is a lot of monasteries  cos its a sacred place as I wrote before today. And its as well a small village, with some cafes, small shops etc. If I need something (simple things)  I can find it here. Like telephone card, water, soft drinks, a bit of food, some simple household goods etc.
One av the village streets

Pharping, one way of business...

...but  the commerce can be done  in many ways...
So yes, i have it really good here :)

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