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When I decided go to Kathmandu / Nepal, I had no idea about what I would bring with me, including the dress code, etc, it is after all a completely different culture ( Hindu / Buddhism rules here), and I'm a woman, working in a monastery for monks.
Amazing culture, and deserve respect....

Now I will try to reproduce what I think is most important to bring / think about for a volunteer assignment.

What I can not do without!

A Kettle!
Absolutely the most important gadget for me.
- I boil water, so there is  no bacteria. (water in Pharping is okay to boil, but the water in Kathmandu, I would never use)
- I boil water for my shower and hair washing.
- To wash my clothes (there are no washing machines)
- To be able to boil my own tea, coffee, soups possible if you want, etc.
(electricity plug same as we have in Europe 220v)

Lightweight travel towel

Since we wash by hand, and let everything dry naturally,  this is almost a must. It is easy to wash, and it will dry quickly. As well as minimizing its weight in your suitcase.
A "terry towel" would never get really clean, not rather dry.


You must of course make sure you have all vaccine that you need for this area etc, Your doctor will also tell you what's good to have with you. But basically everything is available here, and cheaper. In Pharping is a pharmacy.
I brought with me, antibacterial hand wash, both liquid and napkins, this I have not found here. It is really needed! If you keep your hands clean, you minimize the risk to get sick.( A thing to think about is the money, here are some of the money super dirty & smelling = full of bacterial! )

dress code

This was my main concern at home, but once I got here, it's not so big deal. But be aware that you must have covered shoulders and legs. So jeans and t-shirt works, but not too tight and "naked." But even loose linen trousers,harems trousers (baggy pants) exc .. Use common sense, respect the culture, deselect short shorts for example.


Most products are available to buy here, shampoo, shower gels, washing etc. And in Pharping are several shops, supermarkets, electronics stores, pharmacies, greenery,stores with phone cards, they are open 7 days a week, so it's no problem to buy what you need here. So it will not drag on, it weighs quite a lot. Even bookstores with English books are included in Kathmandu.

Nepalese telephone number.

Are super ease of purchasing, and cheap. However, you must have with you, passports, visas, and give your thumbprint :) hehehe. it's true!
You also have  internet included with the number, which is fantastic and necessary cos it's power outages several times a day here, and no wired internet connection, but works usually on mobile.

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