Volunteers food...

You may be wondering about the food? Since I have the opportunity to live at the monastery, I also eat the same food as the students and other teachers.                                                                                                 

The breakfast is the same every morning, its a special bread, I don´t know the name, or the story about it, Yet! I´ll find out, but it´s very large,and I'm not hungry so early,  they come with it around 6 -6.20 I could just eat a little piece, but its good! Then a huge thermos with butter-tea, but as you see on the picture they put my butter on the side instead of inside the tea. Guess not many volunteers like it. The tea is a tradition from Tibet, so I thing the bread is too. Its a lot of milk, and have a very soft flavor. I learned today about Nepalese tea, i went out to Pharping together with a guy form Nepal, as work as an volunteer as well, and the tea was sooo delicious, lots of milk, smelled a lot of black tea and was sweet! Absolutely a new favorite.

At lunch I probably had one of the best soups I ever been eating, Yum!!!!! And a huge bowl of rice as well, for me is the soup more than enough.  , you get a lot of food,if you ask me.
They use a a lot of coriander and chili, which I love.Then there is also dinner, today a mushroom and noodle soup! Yum!!!

So I am very grateful for the lovely food i get here. 

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