So after a long trip I'm finally here. But I still didn't arrive to the monastery were I will work.
A very nice, smiling Tibetan Lama picked me up in the airport. Took me to the former monastery in Kathmandu, were I spent my first night. We went out for dinner last night, and he introduced me to a Tibetan dish- Momos, so super good. He has also helped me to get a cellphone number and lots of other things I need to know.

Today they told me I am starting to work Monday, so I decided to stay in Kathmandu to Sunday afternoon. So now I just took in at a hostel, and I will get out to see more of Katmandu. ( 7 € / night )
It seems like i will be Working monday to saturday lunch every week, and since The monastery have no hot water I probably will get into Kathmandu Saturday to Sunday every weekend, to shower, look around and enjoy.

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