Buddha´s birthday...

Not many can claim to celebrate their 2,500+ birthday. Then again, not many can claim to be the founder of a major world religion, Buddhism.  So because that  we had no classes s today at the monastery. (But the real celebration in Nepal, of  Buddha's birthday will celebrated first on the full moon day of May. In 2013, the holiday occurs on May 25.) 
 So, I started my relaxed morning with  Tibetan tea, and the morning paper, I can´t remember when I did that last time??? It´s ages ago!!! I never do it in Spain, so it must have been when I lived in Sweden, hahaha... But very nice indeed!

After breakfast I went up to the mountain for meditation, on my walk up I met a monk. He looked like a Samurai very powerful  but he told me he was from Tibet as well but from another Monastery.  He followed me a bit on my walk, he was very nice, I hope I will meet him again. I liked him.

Then as a super nice surprise for our lunch. We got sooooo much food!!! Just look at it!!!Yum!!! Do you see that dish as is white in the top of the pic? They said when they served it  to me, "It´s milk" But it was thick, cold, and tasted vanilla :) Super yummie! That dish had a reason, look bellow: 

"It is said that the Buddha tried to attain enlightenment sooner, so he sat for a prolonged time with inadequate food and water, which caused his body to shrivel so as to be indistinguishable from the bark of the tree that he was sitting under. Seeing the weak Siddhartha Gautama, a girl named Sujata placed a bowl of milk in front of him as an offering. Realizing that without food one can do nothing, the Buddha refrained from harming his own body."

And this is what the "Little lamas" did, and still do :)

 Running competition....

 other acrobatic work outs...
And some took care about "the little treasure " :)

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