Hanging out in the neighborhood......

Every day i go for a walk in the villages, and yesterday was my mission to find the famous Guru Rinpoche cave.
 The path to the cave is lined by prayer flags, it must be thousands of them! Half way up the hill I met a beggar, I gave him some money, and 2 seconds after a new guy appeared (of course) But this guy wanted to sell some prayer flags to me.So I asked him about the meaning with them, he told me they are for good luck, so I decided to buy one.
 He followed me up to the top, and told me I must hang it high up in the air, and then he easily climbed up on the pillar, ( remember, this is a sacred area, with lots of pilgrims/people visiting = lots of flags) And woila, I got my first praying flag!

Then he told me where I could find the cave, as was my main reason this day.
He followed me to the cave, and showed me so much more, told me the stories about it, he acted like my personal guide. Now you may say, It´s only cos you payed a lot! No no no, I didn't!  I only payed a 4th of what the other salesmen ask for :) I know how to haggle :)

So I was hanging around a bit with the dealer & the beggar. Nice, kind people.

This is the famous cave! Small, filled with people, and it was like 200 degrees Celsius in there  Madre Mia, I just steeped it for 2 seconds.

 The picture above  symbolize Guru Rinpoche´s feet. (two red feet in the middle of all oil lamps) This is outside the cave.
This is a prayer wheel and it is suppose to give good luck as well, the "private guide  told me, so I went in and walked around it and in the same time spin the wheel, 3 times. So I sure had " a lucky day" yesterday ;)

It´s an amazing place i live in, don´t you think!
I'm happy & grateful!

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  1. Thank you for sharing and please keep up the good work in helping the children