Sunday, a fun day!

Sunday is a free day at the monastery. And today I been at Pharping exactly one week. And it total my 11th day in Nepal.
 I was suppose to go away early this morning to see a Hindu temple in the neighborhood but it was delayed to the afternoon, so I just looked at the kids when they were enjoying their day if in the sun.
 here they are planting, something they dig up on another place and just replanting it :)
 A lot of fun...
 And here is our little guardian puppy! It´s a lucky dog, with so many people caring for it, play with it and give it love.

In the afternoon I was picked up of a man that helps at the Monastery as well, we went to his home and family. They are Hindus, and very hospitable. They told me that the world Guest also  means God in Hindi, so they "must" treat all guests the best they can, and they feel blessed to get "God in their house" I like that! Imagine if we treated all like that!
A beautiful decoration on the doorstep to their hous

 I got to meet his family, see his house, and they gave me plenty to drink, wanted to cook too but I said no thanks. After a while we headed to the Hindu temple that he wanted to show me. It was bumpy winding roads down in a valley, I really got to hold on hard on the Vespa.

The Dakshinkali Temple is very well known, and it use to be so many people visiting this temple. After walking down a lot of stair we came to the place were they burn the bodies. Picture above. Then we came to a place were they slaughtering the animals, cos they  give offerings ( animals) to Dakshinkali to make her happy, so she is kind to her followers. This they do early in the morning. So I´m happy I wasn´t here then!

 I have all respect for all religion and culture, but some things i don´t want to be a part of. But I´m curious and I want to see and know things!  But back to the slaughterer area, here were so much flies, it was almost like a black carpet on the floor and full of them in the air as well.. uhh... and it was dark.. I got goosebumps. I can´t say I liked this place or temple, it was something "dark" around it. I didn´t got nice vibes. Usually I get a feeling of peace when I enter a Temple, church etc.. But not here.
 This is Daskinkali. I couldn´t enter, cos Im not a Hindu, but that was ok :)
 But then I found something that attracted me :) All those bells! I have so many pictures of them. So beautiful! People come and make prayers. And then they put a bell here as an "payment". As you see, every bell have a locker! So not anyone steals them.
There were one more Temple here, Mata temple (the mother temple) to come there you you have to climb up 200 meters, and we did. But I had the same feeling up there, so.. no pics...

But I'm very grateful to be able to see all new things today, new experience again. And meet so kind people!

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