Swayambhunath - Kathmandu

I took a taxi to The Swayambhunath - maybe more known as the "Monkey Monasteries" in Kathmandu last Sunday  One of the places i felt I must see when I´m in Nepal.

After a bumpy road through Kathmandu I finally arrived to the fabled area. The first I saw was a monkey eating mango on the outside. To get in you have to pay 200 rupees for entering. Which is less than 2 €.

 A typical view here, monkey and prayer flags. I will see if I can find them in only withe as well. They would be beautiful as a decoration of av a garden party etc...
 Beautiful Stupa with Buddha eyes in all four directions.
 The whole area is full of souvenir vendors. It was impossible to take a step without them hanging over me, wanting me to come and watch, etc. In my opinion, it ruined my whole experience of the place.It was impossible to soak up and feel the atmosphere, to really be here with my full concentration, body & soul ... The disadvantage of traveling alone, and being blonde.
 Besides vendors, it's some beggars here as well. A monk haunted me for a while, at first I did not understand what he wanted, because he just walked after me and smiled, and held a book about Nepal in his hand. When I realized he wanted money, I gave him some money. That  was apparently  not enough, to judge of his facial expressions. I told him this is all I can afford. Then he hit me with the book in my head,and on my shoulders, then he repeated the same procedure on himself while he mumbled something. I hope it was not a curse, but a blessing :) but considering that this month is" the month of all good" which means all need to be extra nice now,  it was probably a blessing, I choose to believe it anyway. hahahaha .....
 another monkey hanging around....
 The view is stunning!
 The architecture, the buildings, the clothes, the culture is fantastically beautiful. An explosion of colors, shapes and details.
 Another monkey climbs on the statue of Buddha :)
 fruit and water vendors are here too ...

And with the beautiful and important message contained in the background of this Buddha statue (where you throw coins for good fortune and fulfilled prayers etc.). I end this blog post.

May peace prevail on earth! 

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