Pharping - a holy site of Nepal

Pharping, the place I am in right now is known as a very sacred place, both for Buddhist & Hindus. But I don´t follow any religion,  I´m just very curious and want to know as well as explore, learn and understand.

Anyway, here are 2 caves, that the legend says was the place for Guru Rinpoche, thats one of the reason pilgrims are coming here to visit this place. 

I'm am very lucky cos the other volunteer here at the monastery is born in Nepal, and are buddhist, he knows a lot about this. We went for a walk yesterday evening after dinner, but its so dark here, so its impossible to walk up to the cave, even if it is right around the corner were will live. So he promised me to come with me, probably today :)

So in the meantime I search for Guru Rinpoche on Google and found some nice mantras, this is one of them.

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