the little discipline breaker...

, I arrived late last night and everything was totally dark, I couldn't see anything of the environmental. But I had a nice welcome, a nice meal and a terrific room, a private bathroom, new build, electricity (more or less), WiFi, water, even if there is no hot water, but that's not so important to me. Enough of that, now I wanna tell you something else :)

Okay, remember now, I´m new at the monastery, so I don´t know all things yet, so this is what I am assuming!!!

But I know the monastery has it own monastic disciplines, as the students have to learn & follow. And I have my room in front of the square were they start their morning "mantras/song" all students are suppose to stand in straight lines, keep their hands in prayer pose, its more or less what i do when I do my Kundalini yoga meditation

So, I woke up in a beautiful nature, on a very peaceful place, and I was standing watching them from my door. Look for yourself :)
I must say is sounded so good, it went straight to my heart! But one in the group, i think it is the newest one, and also the smallest one... had probably another opinion....

He is suppose to stand in the front to the left, but he just start to walk away and put himself after one of the oldest students, in the back, to the right, as far away from his position he can come :) Everybody tries to quietly tell him he can not do this :)

The teacher have to go down and tell him to go back to his place, and very slooooowly he goes back :) Now are the discipline gonna for most of the students (look at their faces) there were a lot of smiles and lot of lost concentration.

A supernice start of a brand new day, in a brand new place, for me.

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