Saka Dawa ceremony

For some days here at Jonang Monastery it been a busy scheduled to arrange a great prayer ceremony, Saka Dawa*. 

 Good prayer for world peace and may our all  have a good prosperity, happiness, successful and long life.

We have been given special meals, and the Lams is very busy doing their paying, the sound of music, mantras, prayers sounds throughout the monastery from morning to night. As I told you before, I don´t have a religion (I do have my faith)  but I´m very happy to be able to be a part of this! it´s very beautiful and filled with happiness, good energy and vibrations! I´m grateful!!!
 And yesterday evening, some kids knocked on my door, and handled over a bunch of candy. I asked them why do give me all this? And they just pointed out  to the courtyard, and there were huge sacks, filled with lost of sweets...
 Here are all lined up,  waiting for their part of goodies.....
 Happiness is complete...
 Viewing with each other what they got ...

Everyone gets more than enough, even our little dogie  Dorjee, he became so excited, "tailed around"  all the goodies, (smelling good of course) he got some as well :)

I can just say, Thank You!! I´m super grateful to be a part of all this!!!

*Saka Dawa- fourth month according to Tibetan calendar - is the month remembered as the one in which the Buddha Shakyamuni displayed the deeds of birth, enlightenment, and Parinirvana. But this month of three important deeds is important for Buddhist all over the world. On this special month, all Buddhists, lay or ordained, observe it with the practice of accumulation and purification. It is said that any merit made on this day is multiplied 100 million times and negative emotions, thoughts and actions should be avoided.   / This explanation comes from on of the  coordinator : Cynthia Chao at  Little Lamas org.

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