The mountain is calling me

For quite some time, about 14 years, more or less, I visited a man who was a medium and healer. He told me back then, - Anne-Li, don+t you miss the mountains? In your previous life, you always sat and meditated on the mountain tops. (you can believe what you want about past lives / reincarnation etc.)

I replied:  - No, not at all! I'm afraid of heights and do not feel any attraction to mountains, rather fear.

And where am I going now?!
To the highest mountain of all - magical Himalayas

As I wrote in one of my earlier blogs,  heading off on this journey took me three seconds to decide. 24 hours before, I had no idea that I would make up my mind on this. But when the proposal came, I knew at once. This is what I want to do, must do, and have always yearned to do.

So I guess I am ready, and now the mountain is asking me to come....

picture from : http://www.facebook.com/nepal.the.8th.wonder/photos_stream

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