Pure happiness...

When you ask people how they define "success", you often gets answers as:
-rich / good job / house / different possessions /price trophies, etc.

But many forget the most important of all, perhaps the goal of our life: - To be happy, to share joy with others and so on.

It does not matter how much money / possessions you have, it's not the key to get  inner peace and true joy. When we are listening to our inner voice and follow it, I think we will find our true joy, whether you are rich or poor (in money and possessions)

Just look at those happy kids :) So much happiness and joy! And I am the lucky one that will be able to be 3 month in this wonderful environmental! With so much smiles, and happy eyes.

My mission was to go there and help! But the closer it comes the the travel day, I feel more end more sure that this 3 month voluntary work will change me as well, as a "positive side effect".

I feel blessed!

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