Is it a new positive" trend" on the rise?

Working as a volunteer is nothing new. Throughout the ages, people have become involved in volunteer work to help vulnerable people, places, etc. Many have worked in silence, and without the knowledge of the rest of the world.

But it seems like it's starting to be a change. For instance in Sweden, where people are very quick to adopt  to  "new trends", we can see this phenomena increase a lot. Sweden is among the five countries involved mostly with aid work. It has become more common to take a part of their holiday to do volunteer work.

While this information reaches me, Madonna (the strongest trend creator ever) post lots of info & pictures on her Facebook page, about her  school project she runs in Malawi.

I also see that I have many readers in this blog, so it is sure an interest increasing about this issue.

Is it just a coincidence?

Is it just because of the phenomena "that what we are focusing on, attracts more?

Or could it be that we have now entered "the Aquarian age", and that we are actually starting to wake up, open our hearts to our sisters & brothers and want to help make values ​​a better place?

No matter what the cause is, I hope it's here to stay!

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