Getting closer to take of...

I just checked my agenda, its more or less only 2 weeks until I go!!!!!! OMG, time is flying. But I'm so exited and welcome the "take of day" :)

So how does it feels when the plan of tomorrow soon will became NOW?
Fabulously, fun, right, and amazing!!! Nervous? No! Nothing yet, but it maybe ill come later on...

Now I'm trying to look at all picture that the organisation is publishing, by that I can follow the process and work they do, and now I want to share some of them with you (soon I will be able to take my own hihihihihi)

Morning pray of Jonang Monastery at new school Pharing -- the construction is still going on. The field is wide but will be very muddy during Monsoon season. Rain starts April - Sept. each year.

Ok, so this is were I will be, the school that is not ready yet.

Outdoor debating class at Pharping new school site -- Jonang Monastery Kathmandu Nepal.

Enjoy a simple but rich breakfast at new dinning room of Pharping new school -- Student monks of Jonang Monastery.

Do you want to se more pictures and info, go in on http://www.facebook.com/thelittlelamas?fref=ts 

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