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I am going to live my 3 month at the monastery and eat there as well, but I also want to do some travelling around, to see Kathmandu, and other places in Nepal. I don´t know my work schedule yet, but all will be as it is suppose to be :)

So now I have been searching a bit on the internet about the food, table Etiquette etc, just look at this, not so much different from other places i been to before, but, it´s good to know :)

Table Etiquette in Nepal

There are a few dining rules that visitors to Nepal should be aware of including:
  • It is considered taboo for non-Hindus to enter a Hindu kitchen.
  • It is considered bad manners to touch anyone else’s food in Nepal.
  • The local people use their left hand for cleaning themselves after the toilet so only the right hand is used for eating. It is also bad table etiquette to pass food to someone else using the left hand.
  • It is traditional for the Nepalese to eat two main meals of the day – one at about seven in the morning and one around eight in the evening.
  • In recent years the Nepalese have tended to snack more. They refer to this type of food as kha ja which translated means eat and run.

Dal Bhat is the National Dish of Nepal

Dal Bhat is the National Dish of Nepal

The nearest thing to a national dish in Nepal would be dal bhat. The basic ingredients of this are rice and lentil soup. Many Nepalese will eat dal bhat twice a day. There are many different versions of this meal, but the most popular is dal bhat tarkari which also comes with curried vegetables.

the info I found at volunteer Nepal

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